The purpose of our Teacher Donations and Charitable Contributions program is to give back, because ‘We Believe In You’! As a former educator, I understand the importance of education in our country. More importantly, I understand the vital role our educators play within the educational system as a whole. I realize that the economics in our society is unbalanced when it comes to education and how some systems thrive while others struggle, economically. Whether an educator or not, everyone must play a role for every system to succeed. As owner of HODGE TRAVEL, I pledge to donate (back into the educational system), 25% of all commissions earned from teachers around the country. Any teacher that books travel with us will see a 25% return on their investment, that will go back to the school (In That Teachers Name), in which they work(ed). Or they can elect to have those funds transferred  to an educational system that may need them more, and will also be donated in that teachers name, if they wish.

Raising funds for something as simple as supplies or school events can become a struggle for some systems, every little bit goes a long way. This is just one way that we can work together, and continue to build and strengthen the bridges that divide us.    – Steven Hodge / Owner