hodge travel frequently asked questions faqs

At HODGE TRAVEL, Our clients ‘frequently asked questions’ are always a priority. We will always try our best to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have or encounter during the entire process, from your initial decision to travel to your safe return home. 


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: HODGE TRAVEL has been in business since 2003.

Q: Do travel agents ‘Mark Up‘ the cost/price or charge FEES more than what the trip/vacation is actually worth?

A: While some agents/agencies may have this practice from time to time depending on the individual circumstance, HODGE TRAVEL absolutely Never ‘Marks Up‘ nor charge FEES more than what a trip/vacation is actually worth for ANY reason. *ALL PRICES ARE SET BY OUR PROVIDERS/SUPPLIERS ie The Cruise Line, Hotels, Car Rental Companies etc.. Our commissions, (that is what we are paid), comes from them, whether you book the trip/vacation yourself, (via our website booking engine), or allow us to book it for you, we get paid the same commission. It comes from our providers/suppliers, Never You the Client! While at times, depending on the circumstances, we may collect down payments for the providers, etc. You “NEVER PAY US ANY MONEY”! 

Q: How does your website work?

A: We have our main website, www.hodge-travel.com, which you are no doubt on at the moment. Which is merely for introducing who we are and the services that we provide. Our website also features clickable links to our Global Vendors/Providers/Suppliers/Partners, whom names are recognized worldwide.

Q: How do I become a Travel Agent?

A: Becoming a Certified Travel Agent is much easier and far less expensive today than in the past. To learn how you can become A Certified Travel Agent, CLICK HERE! And then Click The JOIN US link at the top of the page. Note: If you would like to speak with me directly, just email me anytime with a contact number, Congratulations!